Dedicated to supporting the practical
advancement of young people


Hope and Evolution (formerly MMF Project Evolution), was born out of a desire to help connect people who want to help to those that need help.

Our philosophy is to personally research projects, assess the needs and then ensure funds are supplied directly to projects, avoiding any loss to administration costs, as well as following the projects to completion, whilst also providing donors with regular and personal updates.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to support the various projects we are already involved in, as well as exploring other projects in India and other developing countries.

Our Mission

Hope and Evolution's focus and dedication is on socially and economically marginalized families, education and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Working to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment to thrive and develop. Encouraging education and a desire to create a sustainable, and brighter future, for and by themselves.

We participate directly in projects over a long term period to ensure they are sustained. Enabling us to learn what effect the projects have on the recipients and communities.